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TODO Lists Kernel TODO List 
UserSpace TODO List 
MS7724 Development Board (R0P7724LC0011RL) MS7724 Beginners Guide 
HOWTO Build a Bootable USB Thumbdrive from a New BSP 
HOWTO Run the Demos 
HOWTO Prepare MS7724 Android Demo 
Buildroot - MS7724 & AP325RXA port of Buildroot (used to build minimal embedded root file systems and software) 
SH7785LCR Development Board (R0P7785LC0011RL) SH7785LCR Beginners Guide 
HOWTOs, Guides and Frequently Asked Questions Getting Started with SH4 and QEMU 
Multimedia Support Introduction to Multimedia Support 
Multimedia HowTos and Use Cases 
libuiomux- A conflict manager for system resources including UIO devices.
libshveu- A library for controlling the SH-Mobile VEU (Image scale/rotate).
libshbeu- A library for controlling the SH-Mobile BEU (Image blend).
libshcodecs- A library for controlling the SH-Mobile VPU (Video encode/decode).
GStreamer- SH-Mobile plugins for video & notes on building GStreamer.The following software may also prove useful:
sighttpd- An HTTP multimedia streaming server.
omxil-sh- OpenMAX IL components for SH-Mobile.
libshjpeg- A library for controlling SH-Mobile JPU (JPEG).
LinuxSH Support Processor Support 
System Support 
Linux Kernel Getting the Source Code 
Bug Reporting 
Using Early User Space 
Android How To Build Android 
About MS7724 Android BSP Patches 
About Compatibility Test Suite 
Android known issues 
Toolchains CrossCompiling 
Gentoo CrossDev 
Toolchain Status 
External Links 
Root-File-System How to debian root file system 
Emulation QEMU 
Distributions Debian / SH4 
Fedora Core 
CPU Manuals SH7751R 
SH7724 (SH-MobileR2R) 

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You can download various pre-built Linux BSPs for SuperH Linux reference platform. Renesas expects this software could make your development start up time shorter and smoother. Please note that this is free of charge and on an "AS IS" basis, Renesas can not provide any warranty nor responsibility for software assets distributed from this site. If you need further payed support please contact a regional Renesas sales representatives.

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